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benefits of Slater Rotary Broaching Tools
Slater’s Rotary Broaching Tools quickly and accurately cut internal and external hexagons,
squares, Torx-type, Rosan-type, serrations, splines and other custom shapes into a workpiece. The
entire operation is completed in seconds and is capable of producing forms with an accuracy of
0.0005” (0.0127
mm) or better.
The main advantage of Slater’s Rotary Broaching Tools is that they can be used on any lathe,
mill, machining center or other turning machine. This eliminates secondary operations, thereby
increasing speed and profitability during production without sacrificing accuracy.
Rotary broaching requires two components: a Rotary Broach Tool Holder and a Rotary Broach.
Slater Tools’ Rotary Broach Tool Holders have an internal live spindle that holds the Rotary Broach
at a 1 degree angle. In a mill, the Rotary Broach remains stationary with the workpiece while the
body of the tool holder rotates. In a lathe, the Rotary Broach rotates 1:1 with the workpiece while
the body of the tool holder remains stationary. This creates a chisel-like action, cutting one corner
at a time as the broach is fed through the workpiece to the desired depth.
Slater Tools Rotary Broaching Products are used throughout the world by both large
manufacturing companies and small machine shops. Rotary broaching is extremely popular in the
medical, aerospace, automotive, fastener and plumbing industries.
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