Page 39 - Slater Tools Rotary Broaching Catalog

Fluids & Tool Care
Cutting Fluids
Fluids play a minor role in rotary broaching. Any type of water or oil based fluid is acceptable. The
chip is a flowing type and the amount of heat generated is very minimal.
When internal rotary broaching in blind holes, fluids should be applied on the broaching tool
tip prior to contacting workpiece and not inside of workpiece pilot hole. Trapped fluid sometimes
is unable to escape causing inability to broach to full depth. Slater Tools offers vent holes and
double vent holes for customers who are concerned about trapped fluids. Opening your pre-drill
hole to larger than the minor diameter of form as recommended will alleviate pressure from fluids.
For external rotary broaching, fluids may be applied prior to or continuously on the workpiece
Lubrication of Holder
Lubricate every few hours of continued usage. After lubrication, hand rotate spindle to relieve
pressure caused by greasing. Slater Tools offers and recommends Mobiltemp SHC 32©. This is a
clay thickened, synthetic, dark red grease. Do not use grease containing graphite. Mobiltemp SHC
© is available from Slater Tools.
Replacement Parts
Replacement parts for Slater’s Rotary Broach Tool Holders are available from stock. Orders
placed before 4:30 p.m. EST will be shipped that same day. See page 33 for more information on
replacement/rebuild parts.
Factory Repairs
If you would like a skilled technician to evaluate your Slater Rotary Broach Tool Holder, simply
send us your holder “Attn: Repairs”. Upon receipt, an evaluation and price quote will be submitted
for your consideration. Once we receive your authorization, the holder will be repaired and sent
back to you the same day.
Re-sharpening Broaches
Slater Tools offers broach re-sharpening for both internal and external Rotary Broaches. Re-
sharpened broaches can be ready within 48 hours of receipt. Please include contact information,
mark “Attn: Re-sharp” on your paperwork, and indicate the low limit of the tolerance for internal
broaches and the high side of your tolerance for external broaches.
Mailing Address:
Slater Tools, Inc.
Attn: “Repairs” or “Re-sharp”
Trinity Drive
Clinton Township, MI 48038
(586) 465-5000
(586) 465-3030