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Shank Diameter 1.5

Female Point Live Center Assemblies

Slater's 1.5" diameter Female Point Spring Live Centers are offered with a 60 or 90 degree female point in various sizes. Male or female points can be purchased separately and interchanged with this unit, reducing inventory, cost and downtime.
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  • Female Point Live Center Assemblies
    Shank Diameter 1.5"

  • Female Configuration
  • Order: Refer to individual order numbers below
Shank Diameter 1.5 Shank Diameter 1.5 Mechanical Image
A B Dia. (in) C Order #
60° FEMALE 7/32" 3/8" CLR-0211
60° FEMALE 15/32" 3/8" CLR-0212
60° FEMALE 19/32" 25/64" CLR-0213
90° FEMALE 7/32" 3/8" CLR-0215
90° FEMALE 15/32" 3/8" CLR-0216
90° FEMALE 19/32" 25/64" CLR-0217





  • Precision bearing placement for greater rigidity required by Live Centers
  • Independent inner housings provide rigidity while allowing the live center shaft to retract with workpiece
  • Spring Loaded design compensates for center variations, without damage to the work piece or center tip. This assures the operator of uniform constant tension.
  • Interchangeable Live Center points allow versatility; reducing inventory, costs, and down time
  • Point configuration is designed to meet required tool clearance
  • Female and male centers provide excellent support, and prevent deflection of long parts while machining
  • Retractable spring loaded centers combined with an independent inner housing empowers you with the ultimate design in live centers available to the turning industry