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Slater Tools Launches New Rotary Broaching Technical Support Videos

Slater Tools, in a continuous effort to provide its customers with the most relevant and valuable technical support information, has recently produced two new instructional videos. The videos help customers easily and precisely center Slater Tool’s Adjustable Rotary Broach Tool Holders on the machine. Both the internal and external tool holder series are featured in the videos, which are available on the company’s website at or on the Slater Tools YouTube channel at Slater Tools has over 60 years of experience manufacturing tooling for the turning industry, and is the leading provider of customer support and service in the rotary broaching arena.

Adjustable Rotary Broach Tool Holders are very beneficial for use in CNC Lathes, Mills, and Screw Machines. Slater Tools’ Internal and External Adjustable Tool Holders are known to be the industry’s best for reliability and longevity. Their ability to be adjusted allows these Rotary Broaching Tool Holders to be used even when the machine’s alignment may be off. For example, if using a turret lathe, the Adjustable Rotary Broach Tool Holder is recommended as it gives you the ability to center the holder right on your machine. Also, this holder allows for use of any overall length broach, which is beneficial in applications that require reaching through a deep counter bore.

Proper centering of the tool holder is key to maximizing effectiveness and tool life of all adjustable tool holders, including Slater Tools’ Internal and External Adjustable Rotary Broach Tool Holders. As a guide for first-time users or simply as a running checklist and refresher, the videos are great resources that take viewers step-by-step through the set-up process. Videos demonstrating Slater Tool’s immensely popular Adjustment-Free Tool Holder series are also available on the above sites.