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.500 Shank Diameter

Six Lobe (Hexalobular) Broaches

Slater Tools Inc. offers the largest variety of internal Six Lobe Rotary Broach Tools, also known as Torx-like or hexalobular Rotary Broaches. Most standard size Six Lobe Torx-like Rotary Broach Tools are in stock, available for immediate delivery. Six Lobe Rotary Broaches conform with ISO 10664 and can be produced in special sizes and custom lengths. They can also be made in a variety of materials and coatings. Vent holes, quantity discounts and resharpening are available.
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  • Six Lobe (Hexalobular) Broaches
    .500 Shank Diameter

  • 1.75 Overall Length
  • Order: Refer to individual order numbers below
.500 Shank Diameter .500 Shank Diameter Mechanical Image

1.75 Overall Length

T Size
B Order #
T8 Six Lobe Broach .0954 508-08
T10 Six Lobe Broach .1123 508-10
T15 Six Lobe Broach .1333 508-15
T20 Six Lobe Broach .1563 508-20
T25 Six Lobe Broach .1798 508-25
T27 Six Lobe Broach .2018 508-27
T30 Six Lobe Broach .2228 508-30
T40 Six Lobe Broach .2683 508-40
T45 Six Lobe Broach .3180 508-45
T50 Six Lobe Broach .3540 508-50


  • Conform with ISO 10664
  • Six Lobe Torx-like Go/No-Go Gages Available
  • Available Coatings: TiN, TiCN, TiAN
  • Available Materials: M2 Tool Steel, PM4 HSS, T15
  • Custom Overall Lengths Available (including 28mm)
  • Custom Cut Lengths Available 
  • Single or Double Vent Holes
  • Resharpening Offered
  • Quantity Discounts at 5, 10, 30, 50, 100, 150, 200