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parts & accessories
Slater Tools provides a variety of parts and accessories for all of our Rotary Broach Tools. We
have developed these accessories to enhance and extend the life of our tooling and help our
customers get the most out of each broaching application.
Screw Machine shaft-driven AttachmentS
Slater Tools’ Shaft-Driven Broaching Attachment can be used on any multi-spindle screw machine
as an alternative to our Rotary Broach Tool Holders. Benefits of using this attachment include
increased broach tool life, deeper broaching capabilities, and elimination of spiraling and witness
marks. It can be used in any position with a 1:1 ratio capability. Slater Tools offers a variety of
attachment sizes for internal and external broaching. Please call or email us with your screw
machine make and model to receive a quote.
Slater Tools manufactures inspection gages for your specific application. Use our GO and NO-GO
Gages to inspect your parts for machining process variations such as form size, twist, tool wear,
etc. Gages can be made for any shape either as full form composite, sector or progressive forms.
Gages are produced from hardened M2 tool steel.
Rotary Broaching Orientation Dogs
The Rotary Broaching Orientation Dog is used for orientation or alignment of the broach to the
workpiece in milling applications. This tool holds the spindle of the Rotary Broach Tool Holder
stationary against the stop rod as the tool holder body rotates. Take control of positioning with
this unique fixture.
To order a Rotary Broaching Orientation Dog, please call or email with your tool holder part
number. Visit
to view the Orientation Dog operation video.