Page 33 - Slater Tools Rotary Broaching Catalog

Mobil 32 Grease
Mobil 32 grease is a red synthetic grease without graphite that is ideal for use with Slater
Tools’ Rotary Broach Tool Holders. Greasing your holder protects against wear, providing
for longer tool life while enhancing reliability and performance. It is recommended to grease
the holder every few hours on a constant run. Grease is also an important part of the rotary
broaching process as it helps prevent oxidation of precision tool holder components.
Rebuild/Replacement Parts
The ability to replace parts is an important feature of our tool holders, allowing Slater Tools
customers to increase longevity and enjoy our products for years to come. Replacement
parts are available for all of our Rotary Broach Tool Holders from stock and for immediate
delivery. Please visit
to view tool holder part breakdowns. Email or call
with your tool holder part number to get a quote on the proper replacement parts.
Rotary Broach Tool Holder’s main components can be purchased individually:
body, bearings
consist of the tool holder spindle, body, and bearings
Bearing Rebuild Kits
include ball bearing, needle bearing, thrust bearing, snap ring and
space shims
Setting plugs
used for centering Internal and External Adjustable Rotary Broach Tool
Holders are available
If you prefer a skilled technician to evaluate your holder, please see page 39 for details.
Factory repairs
are completed within 48 hours.
parts & accessories
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