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New External Rotary Broaches

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 1, 2005

Slater Tools Inc. is announcing a new series of external rotary broaches to fit its swiss-type internal rotary broach tool holders.

The new product satisfies the demand for smaller swiss-type tools that can be used to manufacture medical products such as bone screws and other micro fastener products. Standard external rotary broaches today are limited to forms larger than 1/4″. The new swiss series will be available in smaller custom sizes and standard hexagon forms as small as 1.5mm. Combined with the current line of rotary broaches and Slater’s rotary broach toolholders, screw machine shops and CNC machine shops can now have any internal or external form available, depending on the application. Sizes range from .056″ up to 1″ diameter.

Rotary broaching, also called wobble broaching, uses a precision tool to produce a form inside a pre-drilled hole or on the outside of a part’s diameter. The result is a polygon form which matches the shape of the broach. Broaches are available as squares, hexagons, splines, serrations and other polygon forms. Delivery times are the fastest in the industry. Rotary Broaching is also a popular money saving technique because forms can be created within seconds using the machine spindle without having to add secondary machining and operations for production.