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New Go/No-Go Gage Product Line

In furthering our commitment to CNC Lathe and Mill broaching solutions, Slater Tools has expanded our accessory line to include GO & NO-GO Gages. Inspection gages are manufactured to custom specifications to help aid customers with manufacturing quality assurance. Slater Tools Gages are made for any shape as full form composite, sector, or progressive to inspect for process variations such as form size, twist, tool wear, etc. Slater Tools Gages are held to extremely tight tolerances and are made in as little as 2 days. Go/ No-Go Gages are produced from hardened M2 high speed steel and can be custom made to any shape or size. Slater’s Inspection Gages can also come with certification upon request. Since 1951, Slater Tools Inc. is proudly committed to upholding its reputation for excellence in technical support, quality products and customer service. Slater Tools designs, engineers, manufactures, delivers, and supports competitive tools for the global turning industry. Product offerings include: Rotary Broaching Tool Holders, Rotary and Punch Broaches, Retractable Live Centers, and Screw Machine Tooling. For more information on the complete line of Rotary Broaching solutions for CNC Lathes & Mills contact us at: 586-465-5000 or