Rotary Broaching Defined

Rotary broaching, also known as wobble broaching, is an exclusive, fast, amazing and accurate method of producing internal and external polygon forms on the end of a workpiece.

The Rotary Broach Tool Holder can be used on any CNC, Swiss, milling, screw or other turning machine. The Rotary Broach Tool Holder has an internal live spindle which holds an end cutting broach tool.

In a lathe, screw or other turning machine, the Rotary Broach Tool Holder is mounted stationary while its internal live spindle and rotary broach rotate with the workpiece. Driven by the workpiece, the rotary broach tool's corners are continually changing contact points on the workpiece, making a wobbling type action while it cuts each corner of the form. In a milling machine, the Tool Holder's body rotates with the machine spindle while its internal live spindle and the rotary broach tool remain stationary. This also creates a wobbling type action while the rotary broach tool's corners are continually changing contact points on the workpiece.

Form sizes can be broached up to 2 inches in aluminum, 1.5 inches in brass and 1 inch in steel. This is only a point of reference as many other materials and depths have been successfully rotary broached.

The recommended forming depth of rotary broaching is up to 1.5 times the distance across flats or the diameter of the inscribed circle profile to be broached. This again is only a point of reference. Depending on the application, deeper depths can be achieved.