Sample Part Reverse Engineering

Have a part but don't know its dimensions?—No problem.

As part of our commitment to solving challenging problems for our customers, Slater Tools offers reverse engineering services that enable us to design broaching tools to reproduce parts quickly and cost-effectively. No Print? No Problem! Just send us your samples and we will take care of the rest.

By utilizing the latest technology, we have the ability and talent to reverse engineer sample parts provided by our customers. Dimensional tolerances are determined by variations in sample measurements or mating parts, in conjunction with accepted engineering practices.  

Through our reverse engineering services, we have helped customers across a variety of industries and have been an instrumental resource for developing and sourcing tools for unique components. 

Reverse engineering may be necessary when a component or its spare parts are no longer available, or the component is failing or not functioning properly and the original manufacturer cannot provide the necessary engineering support to correct the problems. Often it is required for production of after-market parts for the automotive, aerospace, and plumbing industries. We help fill the void by generating the essential technical data and designing the proper broaching tools to manufacture the component part.

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