Tool Coatings

We have your cutting edge covered. Give your tools a boost.

Surface technologies can significantly improve the performance and durability of precision rotary and punch broaches. The right surface treatment can increase overall life, decrease cycle time and promote better surface finishes. When cutting tools are properly coated, the benefits are numerous. This is why Slater Tools has partnered with one of the world’s leading suppliers of PVD coatings, utilizing the highest degree of technology in all aspects of the coating process to ensure that the maximum quality coatings are deposited on the customer's tools.


TiN Titanium Nitride TiN is a gold colored PVD coating made of exceptionally hard ceramic material that improves lubricity, increases hardness and enhances abrasive wear resistance leading to increased broach tool life.
TiCN Titanium Carbon Nitride TiCN is a purple-gray colored PVD coating formed by the addition of carbon to the TiN formula. The elevated hardness and low residual stress lead to excellent abrasive wear resistance. TiCN coating also increases lubricity of the broach and performs well under high load conditions. TiCN is commonly used in medical and aerospace applications broaching small forms in stainless steel and titanium materials.
TiAlN Titanium Aluminum Nitride 

TiAlN is a dark gray colored PVD coating that can be used in high temperature conditions and for better lubricity. Harder than TiN, TiAlN has excellent abrasive wear resistance and is used successfully to broach many materials such as titanium, aluminum, stainless steels, and alloy steels.