Slater Tools: Number one for Rotary Branding

1.5" Shank Spring Live Centers

Slater's 1.5" shank spring-type live centers boast the ability to compensate for workpiece variations while also offering the flexibility of changeable points. The independent inner housing provides rigidity and allows the center shaft to retract with the workpiece. Various sized male and female points can be interchanged with this Live Center and are available from stock for same day delivery. Custom point configurations are also available upon request.
  • Precision bearing placement for greater rigidity required by Live Centers
  • Independent inner housings provide rigidity while allowing the live center shaft to retract with workpiece
  • Spring Loaded design compensates for variations, without damage to the workpiece or center tip. This assures the operator of uniform constant tension.
  • Interchangeable Live Center Shafts allow versatility of points; reducing inventory, costs, and down time
  • Point configuration is designed to meet required tool clearance
  • Female and male center shafts will provide excellent support, and prevent deflection of long parts while machining
  • Retractable spring loaded center shafts combined with an independent inner housing empowers you with the ultimate design in live centers available to the turning industry