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Rotary Broaching Attachment

Slater Tools' Rotary Broaching Attachment is synchronized (1:1 ratio) with the spindle by means of a spline shaft and pick-off gear. This attachment has several advantages. First, it eliminates any twisting of the form and skidding on the work piece chamfer. It also increases the broach tool life and much deeper forms can be obtained. Slater Tools offers a variety of attachment sizes for internal and external work. This attachment is available for use on a variety of multi-spindle machines including Acme, New Britain, Greenlee, Cone, Warner Swasey, and Tornos Bechler.
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  • Rotary Broaching Attachment
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Slater Tools Offers a Complete Line of Screw Machine Products for the Turning Industry:
  • New Britain
  • Schutte
  • Tornos
  • Warner & Swasey
  • Wickman
  • Increases broach tool life
  • Achieves much deeper/larger forms 
  • Eliminates twisting of form
  • Eliminates skidding on the work piece chamfer
  • Variety of attachment sizes for internal and external work
  • Can be used on the following multi-spindle machines: Acme, Cone, Greenlee, New Britain, Tornos Bechler, Warner & Swasey, Wickman
  • Offered in 3 sizes (Machine size and application determine proper size selection)
  • Can be used in any position with 1:1 ratio capability

This attachment is mounted stationary on a screw machine while its internal live spindle and the rotary broach rotate with the workpiece at a synchronized 1:1 ratio by means of a spline shaft and pick-off gear. During constant rotation with the work piece, the corners of the rotary broach are continually changing contact points on the work piece (wobbling type action) easily producing broached forms and eliminating secondary operations.