Slater Tools: Number one for Rotary Branding

Rotary Broaching & Screw Machine Tooling Product Catalogs

Rotary Broaching Catalog
Slater Tools is Number #1 for this amazing application. Be sure to receive our newest catalog featuring Rotary Broaching Tool Holders and Rotary Broaches. We are constantly updating this innovative product line. Ahora en español!


Brown & Sharpe Catalog
If you are shopping for Accuracy and Productivity, Slater Tools can be your biggest asset when tooling your OO & OOG, O & OG, 2 & 2G, #4, and #6 Brown & Sharpe Automatics.

Davenport Catalog
Take advantage of the proven performance Slater Tools has to offer in Davenport Tooling. Everything from Forming to Machine Accessories. Same Day Shipping on Model B - 5/8" or 7/8" tool holders from stock.

Acme Gridley Catalog
ACME Tool Holders, Attachments, and Cutting Tools with the Quality and Rigidity you have come to expect from Slater Tools. We realize availability is the key to your success, so we ship from our extensive inventory.

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New Britain Catalog
Ordering factory direct from Slater Tools means your New Britain Automatic can always be tooled up and ready for operation. This catalog allows one stop shopping for Tool Holders, Attachments, and Cutting Tools.

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