Slater Tools: Number one for Rotary Branding

Internal Adjustment-Free Rotary Broach Tool Holder Set-Up

Slater Tools manufactures high-quality, compact, precision Rotary Broach Tool Holders designed specifically for Swiss Type and other precision machines. Since these Rotary Broach Tool Holders are already on center, set-up is extreemly simple and fast.

1. Fasten the Rotary Broach Tool Holder into the machine.

2. Insert Rotary Broach into the Rotary Broach Tool Holder, bottom out and lock set screw.

  • Be sure to use only 1.25-inch long Rotary Broaches for the 0600 Series .315-inch Tool Bore Holders,   OR...
  • Be sure to use only 1.75-inch long Rotary Broaches for the 0700 and 3700 Series .500-inch Tool Bore Holders.

3. Grease the holder every (2) hours or as needed using Mobiltemp SHC 32. (available from Slater Tools)

You're ready to begin rotary broaching.