New Slater Tools Adjustment Free Rotary Broaching Tool Holder NOT just for Swiss Type Machines
The latest Slater Tools Rotary Broach Holder eliminates Secondary Operations and upgrades machine capacity to produce larger internal forms.

Slater Puts More Round Parts Into Square Holes
Slater Tools Inc. announces its largest expansion of Swiss Type Rotary Broaching Tool Holders to date. These machine tools allow machinists to put hex and square shaped holes into metal parts such as aerospace and orthopedic bone screws.

Slater Tools New 0700 Swiss Type Adjustment Free Rotary Broaching Tool Holder
Slater's latest Swiss Type Adjustment Free Rotary Broaching Tool Holder is one of the smallest in the industry, and allows the operator to use the tool holder without the need for centering.

Slater Tools Fastens Hexalobular Form to its Rotary Broach Product Line
Slater Tools Inc. ( is expanding their product line of hexalobular six-lobe broaches often used in aircraft and medical applications, such as bone screws. Slater's Rotary Broaching Tools can be used on CNC, lathe, or screw machines to create hexagon, square and other polygon forms in precision metal products.

New Rotary Broach Tool Holder
Slater Tools Inc. announces a new rotary broach tool holder...

New External Rotary Broaches
Slater Tools Inc. is announcing a new series of external rotary broaches...

New 12mm Shank Broaching Tool
Slater designs broaching holder for Swiss-Type automatics...

Updated Online Video
Slater Tools Inc. enhances online education of Rotary Broaching techniques...

Media Press Releases

Medical Design Technology
MDT announces the Adjustment Free Rotary Broaching Tool Holder in their New Products Section.

Today's Medical Developments
TMD announces the increased availability of the new Adjustment Free Rotary Broaching Tool Holder .

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