3700 - Standard Type

Internal Adjustment-Free Tool Holders


Tool Bore: .500  / Shank Length:  3.00" / Broaching Capacity: .050-.750


3700 Series Rotary Broach Tool Holder uses 1.75" standard length rotary broaches

TB TL BD BL L Shank Dia. (in) Part #
.500 1.75 1.50 2.33 3.37 .750" 3700-1
.500 1.75 1.50 2.33 3.37 1.00" 3700-2
.500 1.75 1.50 2.33 3.37 1.25" 3700-3
.500 1.75 1.50 2.33 3.37 1.50" 3700-4
.500 1.75 1.50 2.33 3.37 25mm 3700-25
.500 1.75 1.50 2.33 3.37 32mm 3700-32

Slater Tools has designed this high quality, compact Swiss Type Adjustment-Free Rotary Broaching Tool Holder specifically for Swiss and other small machines where clearance could be a concern. This rotary broach tool holder can, however, be used on any turning or milling machine. It is ideal for producing MICRO forms on mills and lathes.

  • Compatible with Slater Tools' .500 shank diameter rotary broaches
  • Recommended Average Rotary Broaching Capacity: .050-.750
  • No Center Indicating Required
  • No Set-Up Time
  • Industry Best Tool Clearance Eliminates Interference
  • Ideal for rotary broaching MICRO forms
  • Easy Access Grease Fitting
  • Conveniently offered in different shank sizes for ease of adapting to different machines

This Adjustment-Free Rotary Broach Tool Holder reduces set-up time for Swiss and other precision machines.  There is no need to center the Rotary Broach Tool Holder. Like all adjustment-free Rotary Broach Tool Holders, the machine must be properly aligned prior to broaching. Just mount the Rotary BroachTool Holder into your machine and you are ready to rotary broach!

For use with Slater Tools standard overall length rotary broaches.

Use only synthetic grease (without graphite) with this Rotary Broach Tool Holder. Mobil 32 is an excellent grease that will prolong the life of your Rotary Broach Tool Holder, which is available from Slater Tools.

Replacement parts for each of our Rotary Broach Tool Holders are available from stock. Please call one of our helpful representatives for assistance.

  • All repair/replacement parts are available from stock for same day shipping.
  • Item numbers 3,4,7,8 and 10 are included in the bearing rebuild kits.
  • Replenish synthetic grease after bearing replacement using Mobil-Temp 32 (Slater Tools Order # Mobil-32).
Tool Holder Series Rebuild Kit Order #
0600 0700-BS1
0700 0700-BS1
3700 3700-BS1