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Recess Clamp Type Holder

This is a heavy-duty clamp model for use on automatics and screw machines. It mounts directly on the tool slide of your machine. The Recess Clamp Type Holder picks up where shank-type holders leave off. It provides for greater rigidity on heavier cuts with increased accuracy.

Use of a draw bar attachment or stop rod with the roll is used to actuate this recess tool holder. Positive endwise location to the tool is made easy with adjustment through the hex nuts. The clamp type allows for use in any desired position.
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  • Recess Clamp Type Holder
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How to set holder after maintenance.

Step 1
A. Assemble tool slide on base with spring and socket head cap screw set to maximum travel of tool holder.
B. Lock set screw to hold socket head cap screw in place.
C. Allow taper gib to be quite loose.

Step 2
A. Compress holder in vise or on an arbor press to maximum travel.
B. Tighten gib adjusting screw until gib will hold tool slide in maximum travel position.

Step 3
A. Clamp shank of base in vise.
B. Loosen gib adjusting screw very slowly until holder snaps open.
C. Tighten locking set screw to hold gib adjusting screw in place.
D. Holder is ready for use.