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Milling Rotating Attachment

The Milling Rotating Attachment was designed to eliminate having to stop the machine spindle to cut slots or flats at the end of parts. The machine spindle and the Milling Rotating Attachment rotate in tandem, while the internal saw blade rotates to cut the slot. Cuts are fast, accurate, and more importantly, accomplished in line. This attachment can also be used for straddle milling.

Customers rely on Slater Tool's Rotating Milling Attachments for precision, rigidity, and long life.
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  • Milling Rotating Attachment
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The attachment is mounted on the main tool slide and is normally used in the 3rd and 4th positions, although on some jobs it can be used in the 2nd and 5th positions. The milling cutter is held in its correct position on the keyed arbor by a spacer. By varying the width of the spacer, the milling cutter can be positioned on the arbor for milling a slot or flat on any portion of the end of the workpiece. Two milling cutters are used on the attachment when milling two flats opposite each other. This arrangement is also used when milling a square on the end of the part. In this case, two identical attachments are used and are synchronized so that the second attachment will mill two flats at a 90 degree angle from the flats cut by the first attachment, thus forming a square section on the end of the workpiece.