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Recess Tools

Slater Tools offers Recessing Tool Holders, Recess Tool Blanks and attachments for various types of screw machines. Recess Tool Holders are available in different shapes and sizes depending on your machine make, model, and size.

How to set holder after maintenance.

Step 1
A. Assemble tool slide on base with spring and socket head cap screw set to maximum travel of tool holder.
B. Lock set screw to hold socket head cap screw in place.
C. Allow taper gib to be quite loose.

Step 2
A. Compress holder in vise or on an arbor press to maximum travel.
B. Tighten gib adjusting screw until gib will hold tool slide in maximum travel position.

Step 3
A. Clamp shank of base in vise.
B. Loosen gib adjusting screw very slowly until holder snaps open.
C. Tighten locking set screw to hold gib adjusting screw in place.
D. Holder is ready for use.