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Hexagon Plug Gages

Go/ No-Go Gages

Slater Tools manufactures standard and custom inspection gages for your specific application. Use our Go and No-Go Gages to inspect your parts for machining process variations such as form size, twist, tool wear, etc.

Slater Tools Gages are held to extremely tight tolerances with extremely fast delivery times. Go/ No-Go Gages are produced from oil hardened M2 high speed steel and can be custom made to any shape or size to fit your custom needs.

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    Hexagon Plug Gages

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Hexagon Plug Gages

                                    Nominal Hex Size (Inches)

Hex GO Gage Member Order # Hex NOGO Gage Member Order #
1/16" G506-0627 NG506-0640
5/64"  G506-0783 NG506-0791
3/32"  G506-0939 NG506-0952
7/64"  G506-1096 NG506-1110
1/8"  G506-1252 NG506-1270
9/64"  G506-1408 NG506-1426
5/32"  G506-1564 NG506-1590
3/16"  G506-1877 NG506-1900
7/32"  G506-2189 NG506-2220
1/4"  G506-2502 NG506-2530
5/16"  G506-3127 NG506-3160
3/8"  G506-3752 NG506-3790
7/16"  G506-4377 NG506-4420
1/2"  G506-5002 NG506-5050
9/16"  G506-5627 NG506-5680
5/8"  G506-6252 NG506-6310
3/4"  G506-7502 NG506-7570
7/8"  G506-8752 NG506-8850
1"  G506-1.0002 NG506-1.0200


                                    Nominal Hex Size      (mm)

Hex GO Gage Member Order # Hex NOGO Gage Member Order #
1.5mm G506-0600 NG506-0610
2mm  G506-0797 NG506-0810
2.5mm  G506-0994 NG506-1010
3mm  G506-1191 NG506-1210
4mm  G506-1585 NG506-1610
5mm  G506-1978 NG506-2001
6mm  G506-2372 NG506-2400
8mm  G506-3161 NG506-3200
10mm  G506-3949 NG506-3990
12mm  G506-4739 NG506-4782
14mm  G506-5526 NG506-5574
17mm  G506-6715 NG506-6780
19mm  G506-7508 NG506-7580
22mm  G506-8689 NG506-8790
24mm  G506-9476 NG506-9574


  • Gages are available as Go/No-Go sets or as single ended gages
  • Each gage order comes with single or double-ended handle
  • Long form gage certification is available upon request
  • Custom plug gages per customer specifications can be manufactured
  • Ideal for use with Slater Tools Rotary Broaches
  • Manufacturing tolerances are held within .0002 inches (.005 mm)