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.315 and .500 Tool Bore

Indexable Punch Broach Holders

Slater's Indexable Punch Broach Holders facilitate punch broaching not only on presses, but also on CNC machines. By using partial form broach tools and indexing the tool or workpiece, cutting pressures are greatly reduced. This method of broaching is most beneficial for applications requiring no witness (pre-drill) marks, excessive material removal, or timing of the form to a feature on the part.
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  • Indexable Punch Broach Holders
    .315" and .500" Tool Bore

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.315 and .500 Tool Bore Mechanical Image

.315" Tool Bore

Shank Diameter

Body Dia (BD)/

Body Length (BL)

Order #
20mm 1.00/.935 SH0300-20
22mm 1.00/.935 SH0300-22
.625" 1.00/.935 SH0300-1
.750" 1.00/.935 SH0300-2


.500" Tool Bore

Shank Diameter

Body Dia (BD)/

Body Length (BL)

Order #
22mm 1.24/1.25 SH0500-22
25mm 1.24/1.25 SH0500-25
.750" 1.24/1.25 SH0500-1
1.00" 1.24/1.25 SH0500-2
1.25" 1.49/1.25 SH0500-3


  •       Rigid design

  • Ability to time form to workpiece

  • Reduced load pressure

  • For CNCs and Presses

  • Simple set-up

  • Create keyways, hexagons, Torx-style sixlobes, serrations, splines, squares

  • High Repeatability

  • Use on tough applications