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Orientation Dog

Rotary Broaching Orientation Dog

This tool is used for orientation or alignment of the broach to the workpiece. Take control of positioning with this unique fixture.
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  • Rotary Broaching Orientation Dog
    Orientation Dog

  • To Hold Alignment on a Mill
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To order a Rotary Broaching Orientation Dog, please call one of our helpful sales associates. To fit you with the proper Orientation Dog, please have your Rotary Broaching Tool Holder series number available.

  • Holds alignment/ orientation of the broach on a mill
  • Available sizes fit every Slater Tools Rotary Broaching Tool Holder
  • Rotary Broaching Orientation Dog includes a 9" arm that can be altered
  • Stop Rods for use in fixturing are included
  • Holds the spindle of the Rotary Broaching Tool Holder stationary against the stop rod as the Tool Holder body rotates
  • Can be mounted on the work side or spindle side

Because the Rotary Broaching Tool Holders have a random start, orientation cannot be held with just the holder. If orientation needs to be held, this can be achieved on a mill with the use of the Slater Tools Rotary Broaching Orientation Dog.

Stop rod can be spindle-side mounted or work-side mounted.