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Knurling Tool Holders

Slater Tools' straddle-type Knurl Holders increase machine life and save on set-up time and maintenance costs. These Knurl Tool Holders come in either a cross-slide or end-slide configuration. Adaptor blocks allow the holders to fit most makes, models, and sizes of machines. Holder assemblies are designed to compensate for any slight misalignment with the centerline of the spindle. Size control is made easy through simultaneous adjusting of both knurl roll holders. There is no extra expense for tooling since these tool holders use standard, commercially available knurl rolls!

High Performance For Screw Machines and Chucking Machines.

Knurling is a process in which metal is displaced rather than removed. This metal displacement is done by knurl rolls when they are fed into the work blank diameter. The blank diameter must be controlled to a predetermined size. For precision knurling accurate blank sizing may be accomplished by a forming operation followed by a shaving operation.